Which Attorney Do I Need?

which attorney do i need

Selecting an attorney is of critical importance as they will manage all aspects of your legal affairs. Attorneys are available in most communities and specialize in real estate, business, family law, criminal law, injury/accident claims and intellectual property issues.

When selecting an attorney, carefully evaluate their track record and experience. Recommendations from friends or acquaintances can often provide the best place to begin your search for legal assistance.

General Practice Lawyer

If your business requires ongoing legal advice and services, working with a general practice attorney could be invaluable. These lawyers specialize in all areas of law from document drafting to representation in court proceedings.

General practitioners can assist clients in accessing federal benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicare and 9/11 Victim Compensation benefits. Furthermore, they can offer advice regarding family law matters, personal injury claims and real estate transactions.

General practitioners boasting extensive legal knowledge across several fields can offer clients comprehensive legal support, saving them both the expense and hassle associated with seeking specialized advice for every legal matter they encounter.

Transactional Business Lawyer

Transactional lawyers provide legal support for business deals between companies and/or individuals, including planning, negotiating, and documenting transfers of goods, services, or financial assets for money.

A competent transaction lawyer understands how to negotiate and draft contracts that protect their clients’ rights, which helps avoid costly legal complications like lawsuits in the future.

Business attorneys will ensure your company complies with all laws and regulations related to conducting business, such as securities regulations, antitrust laws and environmental regulations. Failing to adhere to these laws could result in fines or penalties being assessed against it in the future.

Business Litigation Lawyer

When a company finds itself facing litigation due to breach of contract or another injustice, commercial dispute lawyers can assist. A commercial litigation specialist can guide the business through this complex process while filing suit on its behalf if necessary.

Examples of cases handled by this branch of law are contract violations, intellectual property disputes and employee-related concerns. Notable names in this field include Dane Butswinkas of Williams & Connolly who handles complex products liability cases and class actions; as well as Kenneth Chernof from New York who represents private equity firms, media companies and broker-dealers.

Family Law Lawyer

Family law encompasses an expansive legal practice area that covers everything from divorce proceedings and child custody disputes, through adoptions. As it can often be emotionally charged, legal professionals in this field require patience and resilience as part of their skill sets.

Dependent upon the complexity of each case, these lawyers may require strong written and verbal communication skills as well as being adept at working well with people from diverse backgrounds.

Gutfriend Family Law in New York City provides legal services related to child custody, support and paternity matters as well as divorce proceedings for families in and around New York Metropolitan Area. Their attorneys offer legal guidance.

Personal Injury Lawyer

When injured due to the negligence of another party, such as in a car accident or medical malpractice suit, legal action may be necessary. Personal injury law firms offer invaluable help for victims seeking justice and seeking the compensation they need and deserve.

An experienced Manhattan personal injury attorney should offer free case evaluation and can answer any of your queries about your claim. In addition, they should have access to expert witnesses that could aid in your case and inquire as to their policy on expense reimbursement should your case go against them.

Real Estate Lawyer

If you are purchasing or selling property, consulting with a real estate lawyer is invaluable. They can review contracts, negotiate with sellers, prepare documents for closing and assist with zoning issues to ensure compliance with local laws.

An effective attorney should possess extensive experience with home purchases and be ready to answer any of your queries or address your concerns when they arise. They should also offer personalized attention.

An experienced real estate attorney can review your contract of sale with you and add safeguards like mortgage commitment dates or inspection scope to protect your interests. They can also attend closings to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership.