Where is the Attorney General’s Office?

The Attorney General serves as both head of the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer, while also providing advice and opinions regarding legal matters to President and other executive department heads when requested.

As New Yorkers’ advocate, the Attorney General works to defend New Yorkers by upholding their rights, upholding state agencies and laws, overseeing affirmative justice functions and representing public interests.

165 Capitol Avenue

The Office of the Attorney General serves as Connecticut’s chief civil legal officer and advocate for public interest, upholding state statute and the Connecticut Constitution in their work. Their 200 employees offer legal advice to state agencies as well as represent people across civil matters in court cases. Furthermore, the AG ensures government operates within legal parameters while advocating on behalf of citizens to maintain and enhance quality of life within our communities.

Built by Smith and Bassette in 1930s and featuring Neoclassical and Art Deco styles with modern touches, it was one of the state’s largest public rehabilitation projects and remains one of the landmarks in Hartford’s downtown historic district. Restoration included window replacement and renovation to interior spaces to fit modern workplace demands – open floor plans were introduced, mechanized “sit-and-stand” desks installed along with sleek break rooms to replace all 750 air conditioners that once protruded through almost every window; finally centralized cooling was put in its place!

State workers began moving into 165 Capitol Avenue, now known as the State Office Building, shortly after Thanksgiving. By January’s end, this will be home for constitutional officers such as attorney general, comptroller, treasurer and secretary of state as well as auditors and later in 2018, teachers’ retirement board.

Washington D.C.

The District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office serves as the premier law enforcement and legal office, upholding nation-wide laws while protecting residents and serving them effectively, safeguarding natural resources and guaranteeing civil rights. Furthermore, this office offers superior independent legal advice to federal, state, local governments and agencies and strives to be one of the world’s most efficient and esteemed public law offices.

The Attorney General serves as both head of the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer for the United States, providing advice to President on legal and policy matters. They are appointed with advice and consent of both houses of Congress.

As a statutory member of the Cabinet, the Attorney General oversees and directs the operation and administration of offices, boards, divisions and bureaus within his/her Department. Furthermore, they represent the United States in both judicial and executive proceedings while offering advice or opinions when requested by Presidents or heads of departments; when necessary they also appear directly before the Supreme Court of the United States when matters of particular significance require his/her presence in certain matters of extreme importance or gravity.

United States

The Attorney General serves as the legal representative of the United States and heads up the Department of Justice. They represent their nation in court proceedings while offering advice or opinions when requested by either President Donald Trump or heads of executive departments of government. As part of Cabinet membership, this position must first be nominated by Trump before being confirmed by Senate approval.

New York’s Attorney General serves as a protector of legal rights for its residents and organizations, safeguarding them against fraud and abuse. As New York’s top law enforcement official, his or her office conducts criminal investigations, oversees civil lawsuits brought on behalf of New Yorkers, promotes economic and social justice and conducts civil cases on their behalf. Michelle Henry – an esteemed 26-year veteran prosecutor committed to serving her community – ensures this mission of his or her office. As such she was honored by being admitted into American College of Trial Lawyers as well as Widener University Commonwealth Law School’s Excellence in Public Service Alumni Award.