Where is Fordham Law School?

Fordham Law’s highly-ranked evening program allows you to continue with your job and family commitments while simultaneously earning your law degree. Fordham Law has helped working pathologists, 10-year army veterans and housing rights advocates obtain legal education.

Participate in one of our nationally-ranked clinical programs and help solve real legal problems while shaping current legal thinking.

Fordham Law is located in New York City

Fordham Law’s location at the heart of New York City provides you with ample opportunities to put your talents to use. Externships and clinics offered within its neighborhood, across the nation and internationally can expose you to real legal issues while helping shape career goals. Furthermore, writing for any one of the school’s six student journals and contributing scholarship are opportunities worth taking advantage of; you can even participate in national/international debate about legal topics at its Feerick/Leitner Centers.

Fordham Law School prides itself on offering a balanced curriculum which promotes academic excellence, mastery of legal craft, ethics and service to others. From your first year on, Fordham students are given opportunities to volunteer in their communities or join one of 20 PIRC student organizations that match your interest; over 130,000 have already found volunteering opportunities through PIRC alone! Our career services office assists our volunteers in finding opportunities tailored specifically for them.

Law school programs and workshops offer invaluable assistance as you face the many challenges associated with being a new lawyer, such as narrowing your professional interests, honing legal writing skills, and preparing for job interviews. Furthermore, you will gain invaluable opportunities to sharpen both leadership and teamwork abilities across various settings.

Fordham Law offers an evening program

Fordham University’s evening program is tailored to ambitious people looking for a law degree while working full time. Fordham offers an intensive yet flexible course which integrates evening students fully into academic and social life of the school; students also benefit from distinguished faculty members, small class sizes and various experiential learning opportunities available within this program.

Starting on your first day, you will join one of five houses designed to create an inclusive community. A faculty house leader will guide your transition through law school. Each house also benefits from upper-year student advisors and alumni mentors for extra assistance.

Alongside classroom instruction, our clinical programs will give you hands-on experience. By engaging in these experiences, you will discover innovative and efficient solutions to complex legal challenges posed by individuals seeking justice in court or businesses facing regulatory hurdles.

Fordham University provides you with the chance to experience an internship. These positions are either credit- or non-credit, lasting between two and four weeks and offering credit or non-credit, lasting anywhere from two weeks up to four months. In the past, students have interned at firms, government agencies, public interest organizations, private companies or Fordham-sponsored internship programs – Fordham is dedicated to helping you craft a meaningful career path!

Fordham Law offers a variety of programs

Fordham Law offers an array of programs tailored to the diverse needs of students and legal professionals alike. The School offers nine areas of specialization covering traditional and emerging practice areas like intellectual property, international law, fashion law and corporate law. Fordham’s rigorous curriculum balances theoretical coursework with hands-on lawyering training: clinics, externships and moot courts provide students the opportunity to sharpen the “think on your feet” abilities necessary for legal excellence.

The Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic provides students with an immersive clinical experience where they collaborate closely with grassroots justice organizations from around the globe in addressing root causes of oppression. Alongside its comprehensive human rights curriculum, this clinic also offers practical legal skills trainings, advocacy projects, submissions to international human rights bodies and direct legal assistance services.

Fordham University’s top-ranked evening program gives working professionals and those with family responsibilities an opportunity to complete a law degree while continuing their current jobs and living in New York City. Recent evening students include pathologists, entrepreneurs, actors and housing rights advocates – among many others! Upper level students may either design their own curriculum using Fordham’s extensive course offerings or choose from predesigned concentrations such as international law, business, intellectual property or litigation law. Fordham also provides an advanced doctoral program in legal studies which offers advanced legal study through dissertation and coursework – or pursue an advanced doctoral program which provides advanced study of law through dissertation and advanced coursework.