How Much Lawyer Salary Does a Lawyer Make Per Month?

Lawyer salaries vary significantly based on experience, specialization and the law firm or organization they work for. New York City-based firms tend to pay higher salaries.

However, in other parts of the country salaries may be significantly lower. Here are a few factors that influence how much an attorney makes each month:.


The monthly salary of a lawyer varies significantly, depending on what kind of legal work they do. Some may work for federal governments or private firms while others choose to start their own practice, with these latter options typically offering lower pay than large law firms or the government.

Experienced attorneys typically see higher monthly wages; however, this does not always hold true; for example an attorney with one year of experience typically earns less than those with five.

How much you make depends heavily on the type of legal work that you perform. For instance, working in corporate law typically pays more than criminal law practice. Furthermore, location can have a profound impact; Washington D.C. offers attorneys among others the highest salaries followed by California.

Firm Size

Selecting the appropriate law firm size can have a major impact on your career. You might opt for a large firm for increased earning potential right out of law school, or opt for a midsize one where you can gain more experience under more experienced attorneys.

Large firms tend to generate the highest revenue per lawyer while their salaries tend to be more volatile. According to Legal Trends, first-year associates at large firms saw their salary increases accelerate between Q1 and Q2 of 2022.

However, midsize firms saw significantly slower salary growth. The firm size that offers the highest compensation typically depends on local markets; factors like utilization rate, realization rates and collection rates (see how Clio can help lawyers collect bills faster) also influence pay. Utilization, realization rates and collection rates (like Clio can help lawyers collect faster on bills) help determine efficiency levels within an office environment and how fast firms grow overall. These metrics help establish whether you are operating efficiently while growing at an ideal pace.

Practice Area

Selecting your practice area is an essential first step toward building a career as a lawyer. There are various resources available for researching specializations, such as law school programs and online job listings. Furthermore, mentorship relationships and researching current legislation may also prove invaluable resources in making this important decision.

A lawyer’s monthly salary varies based on their area of specialization and work setting. For instance, those working in private practice tend to earn higher pay than their government agency counterparts; scheduled air transportation lawyers average an annual wage of $17,885.

If you decide to switch up your practice area, be mindful of its effect on the income that can be expected from that decision. For instance, adding patent law practice could negatively impact clientele if you currently practice divorce law. You should also evaluate what amount will need to be earned each month in order to cover expenses in your new location.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers earn relatively high annual salaries on average; the top 10 percent earn at least $208,980 annually – a significant sum when contemplating law as a career path.

Salaries vary significantly based on factors like location, specialization and firm size. Some large law firms utilize a sliding scale known as Cravath Scale in order to attract graduates from top-tier schools and attract top talent.

If you are considering pursuing a law degree, it is essential to take all factors into consideration. Consider your lifestyle needs and any debt load as well as whether or not PSLF might be right for you before selecting your ideal career path.