Choosing Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally and financially draining experiences you ever go through, making finding an advocate who will protect your rights a necessity. It is therefore imperative to hire an attorney that will fight hard on your behalf to advocate and defend you throughout this difficult journey.

Friends and family recommendations can help narrow down your options when selecting a divorce lawyer; however, other considerations need to be made when making this important decision.


Divorce can be an enormously disruptive life change that affects you, your spouse, children and family. How these issues are managed may have long-term ramifications; therefore, choosing an experienced divorce attorney early is crucial to protecting your rights and ensuring they remain unabridged.

An effective divorce lawyer must possess a deep knowledge of family law and understand local court practices, while at the same time possessing effective negotiation and writing skills as well as possessing an ability to navigate your unique circumstances effectively.

As part of your consultation, ask each attorney about their experience and approach to handling your case. Inquire whether mediation or collaboration might be best or if trial may be required – their responses should help narrow your search. Additionally, inquire into their track record by asking whether they have served on bar association family law committees, client reviews on websites like Martindale Hubbell as well as client feedback received through clients reviews sites like Yelp or Trustpilot.


Searching for an appropriate divorce attorney should be one of your highest priorities. Finding an attorney that understands your unique situation and will fight hard on your behalf to protect your rights can be difficult; finding one who can negotiate effectively between both parties should also help facilitate an amicable resolution to the terms of your separation is essential.

This firm specializes in all aspects of divorce-related cases, such as contested and uncontested divorces, child custody and support agreements, prenuptial agreements, mediation services for couples and complex matters like high net worth assets or domestic violence cases.

This firm provides services in New York City. Their attorneys specialize in divorce-related matters such as property and debt division, retirement accounts and inheritance assets division, child custody arrangements and spousal support arrangements. With team of multilingual lawyers from different backgrounds who provide the highest standard of representation – offering free consultations and flexible fee structures.


Divorce proceedings involve high stakes and, with that in mind, it’s wise to invest a reasonable sum in legal representation. But there are ways you can cut the costs associated with hiring one.

Your unique situation can have a direct effect on legal fees. If both of you agree on how to divide assets and divide the case uncontested, legal expenses will likely be much reduced. On the other hand, disagreement over custody or property matters could quickly escalate costs on both sides.

One way to reduce costs is with a contingency fee agreement – in this arrangement, you only pay your attorney if they successfully secure a positive outcome in your case. Other factors which could alter costs include complexity of divorce and whether additional services such as forensic accounting or expert witness testimony are required.


As part of your divorce proceedings, it’s crucial that you and your attorney can effectively communicate. This includes face-to-face interactions, phone calls, emails and texts. Serious discussions should always take place in person in order to prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings; when using digital channels instead, make sure your lawyer understands any limitations on such information such as school schedules or medical appointments that might be transmitted electronically.

Finding an attorney who understands both your case and the emotions involved is also key, so they should be able to connect with and comprehend your needs without being affected by anger or frustration. This can help avoid unnecessary conflict during the divorce process and enable for a quicker resolution.